iPhone 12 Pro Vs The iPhone 12 Pro Max


The new iPhone has taken the smartphone market by storm. New products are introduced every month with great frequency. The iPhone has been a winner from day one. It has all the features that the iPhone user wants in their smartphone and more. Here are some of the must have iPhone accessories for fall, winter, or spring of 2009.

Battery: One feature that really bugged me about the iPhone was the battery life. I bought the iPhone 12 pro max with hopes of having a long full battery life. Unfortunately, the battery life was not very good at all. iphone 12 pro max

My solution was to get a couple different batteries so that I could test out the battery life while the iPhone 12 pro max was on charge. It lasted all day and even had enough juice to make it through the day. I would definitely recommend getting a couple extra batteries as they can easily be replaced when needed. Also, it added a nice touch to my already great iPhone.

Camera: Nothing got better than shooting photos in low light. With the iPhone 12 pro max, I was able to take a lot of pictures and not have to worry about them getting blown up in pixels. The quality of the pictures is excellent. The flash on the phones are also quite good.

Face recognition: There isn’t a way for me to try the iPhone 12 pro max against any of the high end phones that I use on a daily basis. I will have to do that some other time though. For now, I can say that the device does a pretty good job in recognizing my images. However, the issue is that the screen is much smaller than what I use to need. It also makes it hard to see the results of my efforts. I am still waiting for someone else to develop an app that can help me out with facial recognition.

Gaming: The iPhone 12 pro max does play games pretty well. But like any high end phone, it can get overheated playing some of the higher end games. Luckily, there are apps that I have found to mitigate that effect. The graphics on the phones are far superior to what they are on other phones. While I am not one to turn down the benefits that gaming has to offer, I will remain very happy with what the iPhone 12 pro Max has to offer.

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